September 30, 2023
Fume Extra Disposable Vape - Banana Ice

Enjoy a sweet yellow banana taste and refreshing icy blast with the Fume Extra Banana Ice disposable vape device. This device delivers up to 1500 puffs and features a convenient, pen-style design.

Other delicious flavors available from Fume include Lush Ice, a watermelon ice blend, Blue Razz, a tart and tangy blue raspberry flavor, Pina Colada, and Cuban Tobacco.

Smooth Banana

A luscious banana flavor infuses each puff, delivering a naturally sweet sensation that soothes the palate. On the exhale, icy coolness refreshes and balances each bite for a mouthwatering finish.

This unique pairing of ripe tropical bananas and icy cool menthol delivers a mesmerizing vaping experience. The creamy banana sweetness glides across the palate, enveloping each taste bud in an instant of utter blissfulness.

The icey chill of the menthol adds an element of refreshingly cold iciness that accentuates each inhale and exhale. On the exhale, the icy coolness refreshes and balances the tropical banana flavors to perfection.

Enjoy a variety of deliciously crafted flavors with this long-lasting Fume Extra disposable vape device. These 1500 puff devices come pre-loaded with a high-quality e-liquid that contains 5% salt nicotine. Each one-use pod holds 6ml of vapor juice and comes with a rechargeable battery for an all-in-one convenient vaping solution. Moreover, each device is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around with you throughout the day.

Chilling Menthol

Those who love the taste of bananas but prefer a cool, refreshing flavor experience will enjoy Fume Extra Banana Ice. It combines the creamy sweetness of ripe bananas with a hint of icy menthol to deliver a satisfying vaping experience.

Other popular flavors in the Fume line include:

Strawberry banana flavor – a classic smoothie flavor that never fails to please. The combination of sweet strawberries and smooth bananas is irresistibly delicious.

Double apple – a luscious blend of sweet red apples and tart green apples that satisfies on every level. On the inhale, crisp notes take center stage before exquisite sweetness begins to drench the palate.

Lush ice – this refreshing watermelon flavor delivers the icey flavor that many vapers crave. Its cooling menthol finish is reminiscent of the iced cigarettes once sold.

Convenient Disposable Device

The Fume Extra is a small, convenient and portable device that delivers an amazing rush of nicotine without the need for a battery or refills. It has a 1500-puff built-in battery and 6ml of pre-filled e-liquid to last you for multiple vaping sessions.

It works with a wide range of e-liquid flavors that include fruit, beverage, creamy and ice combinations, and even tobacco. With a massive selection of over 63 different flavors to choose from, there’s something to suit just about any palate!

Disposable devices are fast becoming a mainstay in the vaping world, as they offer the ultimate in convenience. These tiny machines require no maintenance or care and work until their batteries die, at which point you simply throw them away and grab a new one. They’re a great way to try out different flavors without having to lug around a large mod and can be as discreet as you like. Plus, they’re slimmer than standard refillable devices and have a greater vapor production.

Long-Lasting E-Liquid

With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting in-store availability of vaping products, many users are searching for convenient ways to get their favorite e-liquids without worrying about refills or recharging. Fortunately, disposable vapes provide a solution. Designed to hold up to 12ml of e-liquid, these devices provide an incredible amount of puffs before needing to be refilled or recharged.

Fume Extra Banana Ice combines the creamy sweetness of bananas with a refreshing blast of menthol. The menthol flavor is subtle enough to complement the banana taste instead of overpower it, but strong enough to give your palate a cool sensation after each inhale.

Fume has a wide variety of flavors available, including many fruity options and ice creams. They also have a few tobacco options, like Cuban Tobacco, which is perfect for those who prefer traditional flavors.